Roadmap to Blockchain Developer

Shivam Vatshayan
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Blockchain is a shared, immutable register for recording transactions, tracking assets and building trust between parties involved. Blockchain posses many advantages and it will gonna rule IT in future especially finance, security and supply chain.

Here is path as step by step to follow to get skilled in blockchain.

Origin and working of Blockchain

  • How does our current financial system work?
  • What can be the possible solution?
  • What is a distributed system?
  • What is Blockchain?
  • How does Blockchain work?
  • Properties of Blockchain
  • Evolution of Blockchain

Basic Crypto primitives

  • Hash functions
  • Puzzle friendly Hash
  • Collison resistant hash
  • Digital signatures
  • Public key crypto

Introduction to Ethereum

  • What is Ethereum?
  • Introducing Smart Contracts
  • Cryptocurrency in Ethereum
  • Mining in Ethereum
  • Consensus Mechanism in Ethereum
  • Platform Functions used in Ethereum
  • Technologies that support Ethereum
  • Ethereum Programming Language
  • Components for development of Ethereum D-Apps
  • Editors and tools
  • Frontend Development
  • Ethereum Test Networks
  • ERC Tokens

Basic Solidity

  • Introducing Solidity
  • Sample Code
  • The layout of Source File
  • Structure of a Contract
  • State Variables
  • Functions Types
  • Reference Types
  • Units
  • Special Variables and Functions
  • Expressions and Control Structures
  • Function Calls
  • Error Handling
  • Visibility for Functions and State Variables

Advance Solidity

  • State Modifiers
  • Inheritance
  • Constructors
  • Libraries
  • Importing Smart Contracts
  • Events and Logging
  • Error Handling and Exceptions
  • Common Pitfalls
  • Gas Limit and Loops
  • Sending and Receiving Ether
  • Recommendations
  • Contract ABI
  • Setting up the development environment

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

  • Anonymity and Pseudonymity in Cryptocurrency
  • Programmable Money
  • What is inside a block?
  • Hash Functions and Merkle Trees
  • Components of Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Cryptography and Consensus Algorithms
  • Types of Blockchain
  • Side Chains: another type of Blockchain
  • Blockchain Implementations
  • Blockchain Platforms

Developing A D-App Using Truffle

  • Developing a D-App, Compile and Deploy the Smart Contract
  • Publish the D-App, Connecting to D-App
  • Ganache Output for Transaction Migration

Create And Deploy Your Private Blockchain On Multichain

  • What Is Multichain?
  • Privacy and Permissions in Multichain
  • Mining in Multichain
  • Multiple configurable Blockchains using Multichain
  • Setting up a Private Blockchain

Some Certification to learn :

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Advanced & Best (Paid) :


Hope this help you. I have summarised and shared Important topics as Syllabus to became Blockchain Master.

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